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Sellers FAQ

Deciding To Sell

1. Find a Listing Agent

A listing agent's responsibility is to represent you and your interests. Do your due diligence and meet with a few different agents to see which agent fits your needs. Once you decide on a listing agent, negotiate your listing agreement and the length of time the home will be listed.

2. Find Out How Much Your Home is Worth

Work with your agent to compare your home to recently sold or other listed houses in your area. Keep in mind that the biggest mistake a seller makes is overpricing a home.

3. Prepare Your Home For Sale

Clean, declutter, and improve your home's curb appeal—this includes making repairs and considering hiring a professional stager for your home. Always remember to protect your privacy while your home is on the market!

4. Market and Show Your Home

Taking good quality pictures that highlight the best features of your home are huge! Make sure you're in the loop with all the ways your agent is marketing your home via the web and other platforms. As for showing your home, keep in mind that you will get more showings if you use a lockbox vs. booking appointments. Some tips selling your home:

  • Your home will show better if you sell in spring than winter.

  • Selling during the holidays will likely result in a lower sales price, regardless of what agents tell you.

  • Follow the Top 10 Home Showing Tips—first impressions are everything!

  • Ask for feedback so you can adjust your price, condition, or marketing campaigns accordingly.

6. Receiving Purchasing Offers

This is a very exciting step of the selling process. When receiving offers, you will come across lowball offers from buyers—don't ever ignore an offer—rather, don't be afraid to make a strong counter offer or even a full-price counter offer, if your home is priced competitively. 

7. Escrow Process

  • Your agent will open escrow and title policy

  • Select a date to close based on when buyer's funds will complete.

  • Receive a appraisal for your home.

  • Cooperate with home inspection.

  • Prepare for final walk-through inspection

  • Obtain seller-required inspections

  • Deliver seller disclosures

  • Negotiate Request for Repair by buyer, if any. 

  • Ask buyer to release all contingencies.

  • Sign title and escrow documents.

  • Close escrow.


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